Crans-Montana is on the face of it a small town in the Swiss Alps, but walk down the street any day and you hear French, Italian, German, English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and more. And this will be the norm in the world our students will inhabit and the roles they will assume. The Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) department plays a key role in preparing students to shape the future. Indeed, our pupils come from all over the world, speaking many different languages and from hugely varying cultures. Learning “foreign” languages opens many opportunities to experience different cultures as well as being aware of traditions. What is more, language learning helps students to become creative thinkers. Being able to communicate in different languages makes our students competitive, intellectually curious and active members in a society.Our teachers share their experiences in classrooms as they too come from different backgrounds and cultures. Le Régent provides a unique way of learning languages in a multicultural environment, providing the Linguistic skills and tools necessary to become truly global citizens but also preparing students to face their future with confidence.