Le Régent International School Alumni Association

Le Régent International School Alumni Association (LRISAA) has been launched. It is a milestone in the history of our school and of great significance to our graduates! Indeed, it represents the culmination of 5 years of painstaking work to build a school from scratch, lead day after day its first cohort of students to the IB and applaud their achievements.

LRISAA is starting small with the 15 students who graduated in June 2020, but its scope is very large since its president, Mikaela, has already met with the president of Le Rosey’s Association Internationale des Anciens Roséens (AIAR). Needless to say that our 15 members will be thrilled to establish close links with the members of such a long-established alumni association. Year after year, LRISAA will add new members and offer a wealth of networking opportunities such as job fairs, mentor programs, and will become a career building tool.

But perhaps more importantly, LRISSA will make it possible for former Le Régents to feel connected to their school by hosting special alumni social events and offering various services around the world. Bon vent à LRISAA !