The relationship between Le Rosey and Le Régent has continued to develop since 2019 and is set to become even stronger over the coming years; both schools, in their publications and communications, will now speak of the other as a “sister school” – independent, but both members of a sort of “Comonwealth”.

With a focus on the future of education, development programmes and a humanitarian vision, this larger grouping brings together Le Rosey, Le Rosey-Abantara in Mali,the John-F. Kennedy school in Saanen and Le Régent as well as these schools’ summer camps and the Chyulu Wilderness Camp in Kenya.

This means that the management of Le Régent shares Le Rosey’s special vision of a Swiss school with an international vocation, bringing with it a “Latin” concept of human relationships, a respect for differences and the mutual enrichment that this brings. It is also committed to developing the talents of all the children entrusted to it and a true engagement with Valais culture.

At the same time, we are working to improve the Régent campus. Following on from the opening of the Campus Café and taking over half of the parking space to create sports facilities,
we are now preparing to improve the social spaces of the two principal buildings, making them both welcoming and convivial.

In the same spirit, we are working with the Lens Commune to expand and improve our work spaces and facilities. We are immensely grateful to them for their support and responsiveness in the face of our constant and ambitious requests and suggestions!