The day usually starts with a brief whole-school assembly or tutor period and then classes swing into action. Periods last 45 minutes, normally with seven periods punctuated by an hour for lunch and followed by activities.

It is a busy but healthy life with plenty of fresh air, fun and friendship and days when students’ brains and bodies are challenged continuously. So it is important to provide healthy well-balanced meals to replenish the emotional, physical and cognitive energy that they use to perform to the best of their abilities. To this end, our chefs from the NOVAE company use fresh local produce and find innovative concepts and culinary techniques to marry quality and gastronomic trends as well as catering to special dietary requirements.

We expect our students to leave Le Régent International School with the understanding that nutrition and performance are connected. We also expect meal time to be special. Students eat together with tutors and house parents as a family. This provides the opportunity for friendly conversation – an opportunity to discover and appreciate others. Children and adolescents learn how to engage in conversation, how to listen and how to express themselves. Meal-time provides a sense of security and togetherness.