House System

Le Régent’s House system encourages healthy competition within school and gives all students the opportunity to participate in representative sport and other activities. It aims to raise self-esteem, develop self-confidence and give opportunities for leadership and teamwork beyond those already available within the school.

House System

All students belong to one of two “Houses”, Matterhorn and Monte Rosa, two iconic mountains in Valais, Switzerland. These houses compete against each other in a spirit of healthy rivalry. Students are awarded House Points for Academics (either for outstanding “Attainment” or for “Effort”).

House Points can also be awarded for a one-off act of exceptional behaviour relating to our core values. House points can also be awarded for creativity in any area of school life.

House competitions obviously include sport but they also take in activities like debating, general knowledge, chess, music, handwriting, poetry and public speaking. Charity and community work can also be completed through the House system. At the end of the year, the much-coveted House Cup is presented to the winning team. The House System ensures every child feels a true sense of belonging.

Students can stay within the same House throughout their journey through the Junior, Secondary and Senior sections, with older students taking on roles of responsibility and guidance.

C Sharp and Service Learning

Young people are often an example to the adults around them and service learning is a key component of a Régent education — closely linked to the values of compassion, courage and creativity.

We have an extremely active student group called “C Sharp”, raising money for worthy causes. The group is also very professionally run primarily by the students themselves. The value of activities like this lies in the work C Sharp does but also in raising awareness and the development of the students’ own skills.

Each year, students choose a small number of charities on which to concentrate fundraising efforts. This enables the school to build up a relationship and gives students the opportunity to find out more about them and their work.

We also build community links within the Haut Plateau and the Valais region. We want students to aspire to make the world a better place and that starts by supporting people in the local community. In this way, all students learn to value, serve and enrich their community, a philosophy that will stay with them forever.