Our bilingual Infant School and its Early Years Programme (ages 3-6) offers a unique opportunity to develop fluency in both English and French. A varied and exciting programme in a warm and caring environment allows each child to develop to their full potential. Days are filled with games and songs alongside time for learning the basis for reading, writing and maths skills.


Our programme is based on the British National curriculum. The areas of learning in Reception (aged 3) are: Communication and Language, Literacy, Mathematics, Expressive Arts and Design, Physical-Personal-Social-Emotional development, and Understanding the world.

In Classes 1 and 2, children have lessons in English, French, Mathematics, Science, History, Art, PE and Music.

And lots of fun and creativity in all aspects of learning, including two afternoons a week of Forest School, when children get outdoors to take advantage of our wonderful environment and learn different skills.


The teachers who introduce French and English are native speakers, so pupils are fully immersed from the rentréeFirst, we teach reading and writing in English, and then literacy skills in French are introduced depending on when each individual child is ready. This may be earlier for native French speakers.

In Reception, children have 3 days when their lessons are all in French and 2 days when they are in English. In Junior 1 and 2, children have 3 English days and 2 French days.

The School is mainly staffed by three native-speaker, qualified teachers: one French, one English and one fluent in French and English. So, when children require additional support, there can be more than one teacher present.


English is the first language (or “mother tongue”) of many Régents – but for others it is a second or additional language, often at a very high level. For the students who need to improve, Le Régent has a sensitive and effective support structure as to ensure success.


Le Régent is a 1:1 School. All students receive a MacBook Air or iPad depending on their age. This school device enables us to provide personalized learning – in other words, the right type of learning, at the right time, in the right place. It also permits internet filtering and management to ensure appropriate internet use at home and in school.


Spacious classrooms and extraordinary views. Le Régent, the newest Swiss boarding school, is purpose built with 21st-century learning needs and student wellbeing in mind. Classrooms, learning spaces, communal and living areas have been designed to create a warm and friendly atmosphere, fostering a “feel-good” factor and accelerating learning potential.


The school day is from 9am until 3pm, but care is available from 8am-9am and until 6pm for those that need it – although there is really no such thing as a typical day or week at Le Régent! Every day is filled with play, lessons, activities and sports.


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