English is the home language or “mother tongue” of many Régents – but for others it is a second or additional language, often at a very high level. For the students who need to improve, Le Régent has a sensitive support structure to ensure success.

Entrance tests and ongoing assessment allow us to identify language ability and the type of support required by each student. Our approach is flexible and tailored to the individual needs.

In the Juniors, EAL students are included in small classes and benefit from EAL strategies. Later, classes in English, Science, History, Geography, Religious Studies and ICT, with specialist EAL teachers allow pupils to “fast-track” English language learning and follow the same academic curriculum as other pupils. Further details are available here.

This system continues in Secondary, although students should have sufficient ability in English to access the curriculum and achieve their potential in the IGCSE and later IB examinations. We provide expert support for students who go on to take Cambridge ESOL and IELTS exams, one of which is necessary for access to universities in the USA and UK.