The Junior School provides personalised and academically rigorous learning. A broad and blended programme selects from the best international curricula and forms the essential learning habits that inspire and develop curiosity, enthusiasm, teamwork, creativity, critical thinking, independence and real-world engagement – and all with a multi-cultural outlook and the right balance of academic and extra-curricular activities.

An International Curriculum

An international programme blending the IPC (International Primary Curriculum) and the UK National Curriculum challenges students and is designed to ensure that all fulfil their academic potential.

As children progress through the Juniors, they develop their judgement and independent learning skills building on the knowledge they acquire in classes. These begin with specialist lessons in English (with phonics), Mathematics, French, PE and Sport; Science, Humanities, Information Technology (ICT), Drama, Art, Personal, Social & Health Education (PSHE) Music and music are usually taught thematically as part of the topic-based IPC curriculum.

Later, Mandarin. History and Geography are added where they are taught In the final two years of the Junior School (ages 11 and 12). At the end of Junior Class 7, pupils sit end-of-year exams across a range of subjects and may opt to sit the 13+ Common Entrance.

In their English lessons, all children with a competent degree of English follow the English National Curriculum. Those still learning English as a second or additional language, follow the Cambridge YLE program until they are able to join mainstream English lessons.

More than academics

Learning is about more than academics. It includes the “how”, the “why” and the “what else”.

While academic excellence is important, some of the most valuable skills young people learn cannot be measured by simple grades and are developed by the way we teach and “beyond the classroom”. This means that our Curriculum is mapped creatively from the English National Curriculum, with much teaching linked to the Year Group topic and immersing children fully into their learning.

Each term we have a challenge-based learning project focused on developing more independent,collaborative and “Future-ready” students. And many other skills such as problem solving, collaboration, entrepreneurship, leadership and digital literacy as well as Le Régent’s key values of courtesy, compassion, creativity and courage, are fostered by our strong and diverse extra-curricular programme.

Every young person is an individual, so each student is guided towards finding activities that suit them. It is important to support each student in striking a successful balance between academic and extra-curricular activities, and our provision in this area is exciting, diverse and well-resourced.

Le Régent’s Juniors become well-balanced and globally-minded, and they have the skills to be confident and successful as they move into secondary school as well as for their future lives.


English is the first language (or “mother tongue”) of many Régents – but for others it is a second or additional language, often at a very high level. For the students who need to improve, Le Régent has a sensitive and effective EAL support structure to ensure success.

An Apple Distinguished School

Le Régent is a 1:1 School. All students use a specially prepared MacBook Air or iPad depending on their age. This school device enables us to provide personalized learning – in other words, the right type of learning, at the right time, in the right place. It also permits internet filtering and management to ensure appropriate internet use in the boarding houses, at home and in school.


Spacious classrooms with extraordinary views of the Swiss Alps. Le Régent, the most modern international boarding school in Switzerland, meets students’ 21st-century learning and wellbeing needs. Classrooms, learning spaces, communal and living areas have been designed to create a warm and friendly atmosphere, fostering a “feel-good” factor and accelerating learning potential.


Le Régent’s vibrant co-educational boarding community provides the complete Le Régent experience – and its advantages are shared with day students who are expected to be as much part of the school as their family life allows and benefit fully from all the support and care provided to the boarders.


School starts at 8am and finishes at 5pm, but there is no such thing as a typical day or week at Le Régent International School! Every day is filled with a stimulating mix of lessons, societies, activities and sports. On Saturdays we have a busy and exciting extra-curricular programme for boarders and day students. And throughout the year visits, trips, competitions and events abound.


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