Learning spaces & Technology

In addition to taking advantage of its extraordinary setting, Le Régent International School helps students discover their talents through exciting learning spaces and an intelligent use of technology.



A modern and energy-efficient (“Minergie”) campus built with 21st-century learning needs and student wellbeing in mind. Classrooms, learning spaces, communal and living areas have been designed to foster a “feel-good” factor and accelerate learning potential.

Online learning spaces are also part of this: teaching and learning do not just happen in the classroom. A makerspace is hosted across the school for creative and innovation projects, which extend across and beyond the curriculum, both in students’ free time and as part of an after-school programme.

The two libraries, at the heart of the Junior and Secondary campuses, are bright and spacious, providing a special atmosphere conducive to independent learning. Both offer a blend of tradition and innovation, benefiting from the latest e-resources.

With an up-to-date stock of journals and magazines, the main library fosters a culture in which students are encouraged to read widely, research and study. In the evenings it is an oasis of calm where boarders can work or take time out from the busy activity programme and simply enjoy a good book.



All students use a MacBook Air or iPad depending on their age, enabling us to provide the right type of learning, at the right time, in the right place. It also permits internet filtering and management to ensure appropriate internet use at home and in school.

Technology is also a key part of Challenge-based learning weeks, which focus on teamwork, real-world engagement, creativity and critical thinking: this method of learning is at the heart of our learning experiences and curriculum design.

It is significant that after only four years, Le Régent became one of only two Apple Distinguished schools in Switzerland – recognised by Apple for its innovative uses of technology in learning, teaching and the school environment, and with documented results of academic accomplishment.

Creativity remains at the heart of all we do, and technology, used in the correct way, can enhance and deepen understanding of literacy, language and numeracy from the very start. At Le Régent International School we insist on a balance between technology, innovation and our principles and values.