When Le Régent students graduate, the US, the UK and Switzerland are the preferred destinations. Highly supportive guidance and advice empower students to make confident and autonomous choices. The objective is to choose their next step best suited for their interests and talents – and where appropriate, to aim for the colleges and universities which offer the “best fit”.


Both the IGCSEs and IB are highly regarded across the world but the key to doing well is often in the subject choices students make – and that might make them opt instead for the Régent Graduating Diploma.

A careful and thorough guidance programme leads students through the options available, balancing aspirations with the most effective choices. The emphasis is always on what is best for the student.

Extension classes help pupils apply to the most competitive universities such as the Ivy League and “Oxbridge”. SAT preparation courses are available for those wishing to apply to the US.

Tutors advise pupils as they complete their application forms and their personal statements; knowing our students ensures that our outstanding Director of Guidance can produce references that are both supportive and insightful; and departments prepare pupils for admissions tests and interviews.

More general careers guidance and personal skills development are equally important. They benefit from extensive resources, a range of contacts with local, national and international businesses and professional bodies.


Our first mission is to ensure all students are well-cared for, happy and confident. Le Régent’s core values and principles include the compassion and courtesy needed to build a harmonious community. We treat children as individuals and support them but we also have high expectations. Régents need to respect everyone, their beliefs, cultures and personality so that we can create an atmosphere of tolerance, acceptance and openness.

All Régents have a tutor who monitors the progress of a small group. Teachers in an international boarding community like Le Régent are sensitive to students’ development, and where required the school offers psychological or learning support.

Health problems are dealt with in the first instance by the houseparents or tutors who may refer the students to the school nurse in the comfort of the well-appointed infirmaries.  In case of an emergency, we benefit from a network of experienced local doctors and Sion hospital.

Differing religious beliefs are respected and supported. Dietary requirements, observation of prayer times and attendance at external services are accommodated wherever possible for work experience.