They may have an academic slant, but Régent Camps are not your usual summer school. Rather, we want to give students the chance to consolidate their learning in a creative and empowering way. Instead of focusing on revision and test preparation, we take a different path. By using a project-based pedagogical approach, the students have ownership of their learning, seeing an academic project through from start to finish. From homemade toothpaste to poetry writing, podcasts and stop-motion video projects, the students who participate in Régent Camps New Heights work on a specific project during their stay while also getting to practise crucial skills in their chosen subject of English, French or Maths (or a combination of two). In the end, they have something tangible to be proud of and to present at the end-of-camp ceremony. This is a  summer school that adds something different to the school year, rather than just prolonging it. By applying what they have learnt during the year on a fun and creative group project, the students are able to see both how far they have come as well as where there is still room for improvement – a great way to take an active part in their learning experience, discover new approaches and prepare for the school year ahead.