Who would think that the skiing programme at Le Régent could extend down to four-year-olds? Some groups in the BIS actually tackled the entire mountain, including the Plaine Morte, while others, who had never put on a pair of skis before, nevertheless skied twice a week for 14 weeks! Special mention goes to Alexander who demonstrated remarkable courage and determination this term in skiing.

Despite the intense winter ski programme, academics remained an important focus of the BIS. Students worked hard across the board, demonstrating great teamwork and a high standard of motivation. Nicholas made BIS history by becoming one of the first students ever to achieve an Instant Rainbow and Star of the Week for his exceptional writing.

Winter takes in several special celebrations including Carnaval, World Book Day and Easter. The BIS children thoroughly enjoyed all the arts and crafts involved in these festivities. They created their own masks, dressed up as their favourite book characters and of course participated in Easter egg hunts.

The children have returned refreshed and energised from their Easter holiday and are already in full learning mode! We look forward to seeing what new and exciting adventures they will have during the summer term!

Skiing Programme for Bilingual Infant School at Le Régent International School
Learning in the Bilingual Infant School at Le Régent International School
Carnaval at Le Régent International School Bilingual Infant School