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Le régent

A place to discover and nurture your talents
and then take them up to the next level through
a range of amazing activities

Le régent

A place to discover and nurture your talents
and then take them up to the next level through
a range of amazing activities


Le Régent thinks differently about learning. By combining the highest
curriculum standards from the strongest international programmes,
we can ensure a tailored fit for our students which is flexible and bespoke.


Le Régent campus offers a unique experience to our student community.
The Bilingual Infants School and the Junior School, with their own
playground, garden and character, are ideal spaces for children’s development.

Régent camps

We offer you a summer to remember, a perfect mix of academic studies
and activities to help you reach your goals and dreams.
Become the person you want to be or discover a new passion.

3 to 6 years old

infant school

Our bilingual Infant School and its Early Years Programme (ages 4-6) offers a unique opportunity to develop fluency in both English and French. A varied and exciting programme in a warm and caring environment allows each child to develop to their full potential. Days are filled with games and songs alongside time for learning the basis for reading writing and maths skills. 

7 to 12 years old

junior school

The Junior School provides personalised and academically rigorous learning. A broad and blended programme selects from the best international curricula and forms the essential learning habits that inspire and develop curiosity, enthusiasm, teamwork, creativity, critical thinking, independence and real-world engagement – and all with a multi-cultural outlook and the right balance of academic and extra-curricular activities.

13 to 18 years old

secondary school

Le Régent’s secondary section produces well-rounded, internationally minded students. Its rigorous approach to teaching and learning is suited to a period marked by exams and then university applications, but Le Régent also focuses on the individual, tailoring teaching to the needs of the child. We challenge the gifted and support those with learning differences so that all reach their academic potential, irrespective of ability or background.

Crans Montana is one of the most beautiful destinations in Valais,
emblematic of Switzerland, safe, stable and authentic where the air
is pure and where all dangers seem far, far away.


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The IB Exam Route

The IB Exam Route

IB examinations at Le Régent are now well underway. While schools in some countries are following a "non-exam route", Swiss schools were informed in...