Truly Swiss

Truly International

An international boarding school in the heart of the Swiss Alps

for 4- to 18- year-olds

Also welcoming day students 


Le régent International school

The IB diploma, Régent Graduation Diploma and IGCSEs to nurture academic excellence; an amazing range of activities to develop skills for life.

Le Régent International School

The IB diploma, IGCSEs and more
to nurture academic excellence, and an amazing
range of activities to develop skills for life

Customized Learning

Small classes, tutoring, coaching – a caring, tailor-made education.

Pearson Edexcel for IGCSE
Le Régent is an IB World School
Régent Graduation Diploma
Pearson Edexcel for IGCSE
Le Régent is an IB World School
Régent Graduation Diploma

Living in the heart of the Swiss Alps

Boarding in one of the newest and most modern international boarding schools in Switzerland.
Discover our community high in the Swiss mountains at the centre of Europe.

Régent camps

Summer camps in Switzerland

We offer you a summer to remember, a perfect mix of academic studies
and activities to help you reach your goals and dreams.
Become the person you want to be or discover a new passion.


Our Bilingual Infant Section and its Early Years Programme offers a unique opportunity to develop fluency in both English and French in a warm and caring environment. 

Junior Section
Ages 6-10

The Junior Section provides personalised and academically rigorous learning. A broad and blended programme selects from the best international curricula and forms the essential learning habits that inspire and develop curiosity, enthusiasm, teamwork, creativity, critical thinking, independence and real-world engagement – and all with a multicultural outlook and the right balance of academic and extracurricular activities.

secondary & Senior sections

Ages 11-18

Le Régent produces well-rounded, internationally minded students. Teaching and learning  focus on the individual, and through the IB and the Régent Graduation Diploma, we offer challenge for every student, ensuring that all reach their potential.

An idyllic Swiss alpine town in a natural paradise –
safe, stable and authentic for an unforgettable place to learn in Switzerland.


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Spotting a Lynx in the Lotschental!

Spotting a Lynx in the Lotschental!

Lucas, an ESS student in IB1, has been conducting a study on how wildlife is affected by urban areas for his Internal Assessment project. He and his...

Performing and Creative Arts

Performing and Creative Arts

Creativity is one of Le Régent’s 4 Cs, and the Performing and Creative Arts have blossomed over the past year at le Régent. But - some might ask -...

A Gift of Tongues

A Gift of Tongues

Crans-Montana is on the face of it a small town in the Swiss Alps, but walk down the street any day and you hear French, Italian, German, English,...