Creativity is one of Le Régent’s 4 Cs, and the Performing and Creative Arts have blossomed over the past year at le Régent. But – some might ask – in a world dominated by technology, what use do they have?
The Arts  offer a world where there is often no right or wrong answer, where there is collaboration and the chance to work as anindividual, which is holistic and yet singular, and which can allow you to escape and yet find yourself.
This world is unique but available to all.  Ultimately, we all need this chance to reconnect with our creative side and explore the endless possibilities, ideas and concepts that we may be separated from in our “normal” life.
The Le Régent Theatre Company, for example, develops the wider knowledge, enthusiasm and interest of our students. There have been Creative Arts days, links with local and international artists, weekend activities,
work with the local theatre in Sierre and visits to see live performances. The visual arts, music and theatre allow young people to develop as rounded individuals. After all, self-awareness, empathy,
creative thinking, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, coping with stress and emotions – these are qualities that our students will  need in a life beyond the classroom.